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The green challenge

We are made to live in green, natural environments. In nature, we get to breathe fresh oxygen and collect positive energy through all the senses. We talk about spending time in nature as therapy but as a matter of fact that is where we were intended to live in the first place; it is our natural habitat. 

Green, livable cities

By 2050, about 70 % of the world's population will be living in urban environments. What effect that will have on the average person's emotional life we can only guess, but probably it will not be great. We cannot stop evolution, but we can decide its course and if we make serious investments in our cities, they van develop in a positive direction. What needs to be done is to plan for green, healthy, sustainable cities where people can stay active, thrive and recreate themselves - and breathe fresh oxygen. Planning for green spots even in the cities is extremely important to keep our planet and ourselves healthy and happy.

New ways to add plants in urban environments

The creation of these green cities is already taking place. When new suburbs are being planned and built today, the architects dedicate space for urban parks. There are many new ways of creating green areas, even where tall buildings leave little room for trees and grass. We plant parks on rooftops and vertical gardens on walls. We depend on plants to live and thrive, so there really is no way around it.

Tips on going green

There are several things you can do if you'd like to adopt a more ecological lifestyle. One of them is not to waste paper by doing things digitally - emails have been a lifesaver for hundreds of trees already, and nowadays you can even buy your lottery tickets online via sites like CasinoHawks - there's no need to print them!